For support people

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In this section:

  • What providers and residents have to do
    Find out what providers and residents must do before 1 January 2020, their responsibilities for rent and maintaining the SDA.
  • The role of a support person
    Read about who can be a support person, and what happens if a resident does not have one.
  • What you need to know as a support person
    Find out how the law has changed. Covers what happens to existing residential statements, comparing an SDA residency agreement with a Residential tenancy agreement, and information about paying rent in SDA.
  • Checklist for support people
    Print this page for step-by-step instructions on how a resident and provider start an agreement. Includes a summary of some of the resident’s rights in SDA.
  • Resources for support people
    Download the agreements and information statements. See a flowchart for starting an agreement, and a timeline that shows when the Easy English resources will be available.
  • Organisations that can help support people
    A list of organisations, their contact details and what they can help you with.