Licence cancellation - estate agents

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Estate agents’ licences are perpetual as long as annual statements are lodged and fees are paid. However, licences can be cancelled or voluntarily surrendered.

Your individual estate agent's licence is cancelled if you:

  • become an insolvent under administration
  • become a represented person within the meaning of the Guardianship and Administration Board Act 1986.

A company's estate agent's licence is automatically cancelled if it:

  • becomes an externally administered corporation.

Cancellation after 30 days

Individual licences

Unless you apply to the Business Licensing Authority (BLA) for permission, your licence is automatically cancelled 30 days from the date:

  • you are convicted or found guilty of a disqualifying offence
  • you are made the subject of an order by any regulatory body disqualifying you from acting as an estate agent or agent's representative
  • of a successful claim against the Victorian Property Fund, or any corresponding fund.

Company licences

Unless a company applies to the BLA for permission, its licence is automatically cancelled 30 days after:

  • one of its directors has their licence cancelled and the BLA notifies them in writing that one of its unlicensed directors is ineligible to apply for a licence
  • it is the cause of a successful claim against the Victorian Property Fund
  • it is convicted or found guilty of an offence involving fraud, dishonesty, drug trafficking or violence that, if it were a natural person, would be punishable by three months or more in prison.

Voluntarily surrendering your licence

You can voluntarily surrender your licence by writing to the BLA and including your licence. 

Your licence ends on the day the BLA receives your letter and licence.

For contact details, view our Business Licensing Authority page.

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