Professional indemnity insurance - owners corporation managers

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Important note: you must use our online myCAV system to update your insurance details. For more information, view About myCAV.

As an owners corporation manager, you must:

  • maintain professional indemnity insurance with a minimum cover of $2 million
  • provide details of this insurance, and evidence of your registration, when you are appointed as a manager of an owners corporation.
  • notify the Business Licensing Authority if you cease to be covered by professional indemnity insurance.

Your owners corporation manager registration will be automatically cancelled 30 days after you fail to be covered by the required professional indemnity insurance. If this happens, you cannot apply for permission to continue be registered as an owners corporation manager.

The certificate of currency for your professional indemnity insurance coverage should state one of the following:

  • Owners Corporation Management
  • Body Corporate Management, or
  • Strata Management.

Find out more about circumstances that would lead to automatic cancellation of your registration.