Registration and endorsement steps

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Infographic showing the steps professional engineers need to complete to be registered.

Step 1 – Qualification and experience assessment

Choose an assessment entity and apply to have your qualifications and experience or competencies assessed.

The first step to be registered as a professional engineer is to apply to an assessment entity to have your qualifications and experience or competencies assessed against the requirements in their approved assessment scheme.

The Business Licensing Authority (BLA) has approved several assessment schemes. Review the assessment schemes approved by the BLA and choose an assessment entity from the Public record of assessment entities to conduct your assessment.

After conducting the assessment of your qualifications and experience or competencies, the assessment entity will give you a report on their assessment listing the area or areas of engineering in which you are eligible to apply for registration.

The report will also list the area or areas of engineering in which you are eligible to apply for endorsement if you have requested an assessment to work in the building industry.

Civil aviation safety engineers

You do not need to complete this step if you are a civil aviation safety engineer.

Go to Step 2 and provide the BLA with a copy of your appointment from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority as an authorised person under the Commonwealth Civil Aviation Safety Regulations 1998.

Step 2 – Apply for registration and endorsement

Lodge an application with the BLA for registration, and also for endorsement if you intend to work in the building industry.

The second step is to lodge an application for registration with the BLA through myCAV. For more information, view How to apply for registration and endorsement.

Your application must include a copy of the report from the assessment entity on your qualifications and experience or competencies. The BLA will check this report and assess your application against the ineligibility criteria.

Endorsement to work in the building industry

If you have also applied for endorsement to practise as a registered professional engineer in the building industry, the BLA will refer your application to the Victorian Building Authority for a report on whether you are a fit and proper person under the Building Act 1993.

Practising or non-practising?

You can apply for registration as a practising professional engineer or a non-practising professional engineer.

If you are registered as a non-practising engineer, you are not permitted to provide or be responsible for providing professional engineering services or apply for endorsement.

Duration of registration and endorsement

Registration and endorsement (if required) is for three years commencing on the date your registration and endorsement was granted by the BLA.