After you lodge your application

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Processing time

To avoid delays, please complete the application correctly and attach all necessary documents. The average processing time for an application for registration is expected to be 28 days.

If you are not intending to work in the building industry, you can provide professional engineering services if you applied for registration before the date that registration became mandatory in your area of engineering and you are still waiting for the Business Licensing Authority (BLA) to decide on your application.

You must not provide professional engineering services if the BLA decides not to grant you registration or if you are not registered and have applied for registration after the date that registration has become mandatory.

Additional information

When considering your application, the BLA may require you to provide further information. You will be advised by email if further information is required. The BLA may refuse your application if you do not provide this within a reasonable timeframe.

Change of information

If any change occurs in the information you provided in your application, you must notify the BLA in writing within 14 days of becoming aware of the change. View Update your details.

There is a penalty for failing to notify the BLA of a change of information. View Penalties.

Sharing your information

The BLA gives your information to:

  • Consumer Affairs Victoria
  • Victorian Building Authority, if you are applying for endorsement to work in the building industry, and
  • other law enforcement and regulatory bodies.

These organisations may report any relevant information to the BLA.

For privacy information, view Information and privacy – BLA.

Withdrawing your application

You may withdraw your application at any time before it has been determined by the BLA by lodging your request through your myCAV account. You may be entitled to a partial refund of your registration and endorsement (if applicable) fees. For additional information you can contact the BLA using the BLA enquiry form.

Unsuccessful application

If your application for registration and endorsement, if applicable, is not successful, you will receive a myCAV notification. You may be entitled to a partial refund of both fees. Send a refund request to the BLA using the Business Licensing Authority enquiry form.

You can appeal the decision by applying to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) within 28 days of the decision.

Successful application

If your application is successful, you will receive confirmation of your professional engineer’s registration through myCAV. You will receive an email to advise that your certificate is available in myCAV.

You can view and print your registration certificate in myCAV. Your registration certificate will list the areas of engineering in which you are permitted to:

  • provide professional engineering services
  • and, if applicable, are endorsed to work in the building industry.

Registration and endorsement is for three years from the date it was granted by the BLA.

You may surrender your registration or endorsement, if applicable, before the three-year period expires or your registration or suspension may be suspended or cancelled. For more information, view Surrender, suspension or cancellation.

See more information on how to renew your registration.

Conditions on a registration or endorsement

The BLA may impose conditions on your registration or endorsement, if applicable, which you must comply with when providing professional engineering services.

You can appeal the decision to apply conditions by applying to VCAT within 28 days of the decision.