Renew a rooming house operator's licence

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Renewing a rooming house operator’s licence

You must apply to renew your licence before it expires. When you need to renew your licence, the Business licensing Authority (BLA) will notify you via your myCAV account.

At the end of the initial three-year term, the licensee will be invited to renew their licence for a term of either three, four or five years.

You will be able to apply to renew your licence via myCAV.

Deciding renewal applications

If you (or your officers or managers) meet any of the ‘renewal disqualification criteria’ set out in section 18 of the Rooming House Operators Act 2016, you will not be a ‘fit and proper person’ to have a licence renewed and the BLA will refuse your renewal application.

The ‘renewal disqualification criteria’ are almost identical to the criteria considered as part of a licence application, but focus on events that may have occurred during the last period since your licence was renewed.