Annual statement, renewal of registration and fees - second-hand dealers and pawnbrokers

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You must lodge an annual statement with the Business Licensing Authority (BLA) via myCAV and pay an annual registration fee within the six weeks leading up to the anniversary of the date you were granted your registration.

The BLA will notify you via myCAV that your annual statement is due approximately six weeks before your registration anniversary date. It is your responsibility to inform the BLA if you do not receive this notification.

Important note: You must use our online myCAV system to submit your annual statement and pay the prescribed fee. To start using myCAV, you must create your own myCAV account using a personal email address to verify your identity (or log into your existing account, if you already have one). For more information about using myCAV, view About myCAV.

You are responsible for lodging an annual statement and paying the fee when required.

Late notice

If you do not lodge your annual statement and pay your prescribed fee by the due date, the BLA will send you a late notice via myCAV and you will be liable to pay a late fee.

If, after 21 days, the BLA still has not received your annual statement and fee, your registration will be automatically cancelled. For more information, view our Surrender or cancellation of registration or endorsement – second-hand dealers and pawnbrokers page.


The annual fee and late lodgement fee are set out on Fees and forms – second-hand dealers and pawnbrokers.