Consumer property law review

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Consumer Affairs Victoria is undertaking a review of the following consumer property legislation:

  • Estate Agents Act 1980
  • Owners Corporations Act 2006
  • Conveyancers Act 2006
  • Sale of Land Act 1962

The review will:

  • identify opportunities to modernise and improve the legislation, taking into account stakeholders’ experiences and industry developments since each Act came into operation
  • examine whether the legislation efficiently and effectively regulates the conduct of licensed practitioners involved in the sale of land, real estate transactions and management of owners corporations
  • recommend changes to improve the way the legislation operates. 

Options papers

  1. Options for reform of the Owners Corporations Act 2006 - public consultation closed on 16 December 2016
  2. Sale of land and business: options for reform - public consultation closed on 28 April 2017
  3. Estate agents and conveyancers: options for reform - public consultation closed on 16 May 2017 

Issues papers

  1. Conduct and institutional arrangements for estate agents, conveyancers and owners corporation managers - public consultation closed on 11 March 2016
  2. Owners corporations – public consultation closed on 29 April 2016
  3. Sale of land and business - public consultation closed on 13 May 2016

Consultation process

As part of this review, the Minister for Consumer Affairs approved the release of three issues papers for public consultation. The purpose of these papers was to raise issues for consideration and comment, and draw out evidence and commentary from stakeholders about the nature of the issues and the extent of any problems.

Following the close of public consultation on the issues papers, work commenced on developing options for reforming each of the four Acts being examined by the review.

Options papers setting out potential reforms to the Owners Corporations Act 2006, Estate Agents Act 1980, Conveyancers Act 2006 and Sale of Land Act 1962 have been released for public consultation. 

Submissions will be made available on our website after the closing date for each paper.

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