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  • If you are scammed

    Explains what Victorian businesses and consumers can do if they have been scammed.

  • Overpayment scam

    Information about overpayment scams and how to protect your business from them.

  • Computer repair scam

    Information about computer repair scams, including how they work and how to protect your business from them.

  • Compliance and monitoring

    Explains how to set up compliance and monitoring for a voluntary industry code of practice, including in-house systems, data collection and indicators

  • Yiɛth ku ɣɔɔc yic

    A summary in Dinka of consumers' shopping rights under the Australian Consumer Law.

  • Atöu apääm alɔŋ yïth raan-ɣööc Vïdëos - Dinka

    Anɔŋ vïdëos juëc nyuoth yïth kun aɣööc. Wël cï kuany maat ke luoi ë gam gaanun, luoi guarantees ku luoi waraŋ tiet keek ca ɣɔɔc (warranties), aɣööc ë wëu taau-pïny abëk (lay-by agreements), ku tëm wël ku ŋaany luk.

  • Secondary teacher resources

    Resources to help secondary teachers with consumer education for VCAL and VELS; commerce, English, maths, health and wellbeing, gambling and more.


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