Report unfair business practices

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For a list of unfair business practices, view our Penalties - unfair practices page.

How to report unfair business practices

To report unfair business practices, such as underquoting by a real estate agent, use our general enquiry form:

Enquiry form


  • This form has three stages and you have 20 minutes to complete each stage. Each stage will automatically refresh after 20 minutes and clear all data.
  • Please include as much detail as possible to help us with any investigations, including a daytime contact number, as we may need to call you for more information.
  • We cannot help with complaints about customer service levels or the treatment you receive from a business or salesperson. In these cases, we suggest contacting the manager of the store or the head office of the business.

Why should I make a report?

We have a range of options to deal with businesses that are not operating within the law. By informing us about unfair business practices, you can help prevent such practices being used against other consumers.

For more information on the enforcement options we use, and the factors we consider in adopting them, see our Regulatory approach and compliance policy section.

We rely on the public to tell us about any issues within our jurisdiction that may cause widespread harm to consumers. We cannot actively respond to or investigate every report we receive, but all intelligence is helpful to us.