Resolve your problem or complaint

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When we get involved with a problem or complaint

If you have tried to resolve your problem or complaint yourself and it remains unresolved, we may choose to offer assistance through our voluntary dispute services. This will depend on whether the problem or complaint meets the criteria set out in the Dispute services section of Our Compliance policy page.

We accept complaints in the following circumstances:

  • The problem is about a business or rental provider/property manager. We do not accept complaints about consumers or renters.
  • You have made a reasonable attempt to resolve the problem with the business or rental provider/property manager.
  • The problem is within our jurisdiction and not more appropriately handled by another organisation. For more information, view our Who to go to for help page.
  • Legislation or contractual rights appear to have been breached.
  • The problem has a reasonable chance of being resolved.
  • You have paid by credit card and a chargeback has failed to resolve the problem.
  • The courts or a tribunal have not already ruled on the matter, and there is no case pending.

If we decide your problem is suitable for our dispute services, we will contact the business or rental provider/property manager on your behalf to identify the issues and explore options for a resolution that are consistent with the law.

We cannot make anyone speak to us and we cannot enforce an outcome - only a court or tribunal have this power. If our involvement does not resolve the problem, we will generally give you information on taking your complaint further by applying to a court or tribunal, such as the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), or getting your own legal advice.

We keep a record of any information we receive for our intelligence purposes.

If you are unable to resolve your problem, your complaint fits our criteria for dispute services and you need us to get involved, visit Contact us.

One of our officers will determine whether we can help you resolve the matter over the phone. If we think that your matter is complex, or if we will need more information - such as documentation or receipts - we will ask you to complete the relevant complaint form below. Please read the information carefully before you begin the form: