Caravan park residency - park operators' rights and responsibilities

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Before a residency starts

You must give the resident, on or before the day they move in, a copy of:

You must also give the resident, on or before they move in, a statement that details:

  • the rate for extra people to stay
  • charges for hiring any equipment 
  • any fees for storage or removal of a caravan
  • any commission that applies if the caravan park owner sells a caravan.

For more information, view Checklist before you rent a site in a park.

When a residency starts

You must provide contact details for service of documents, paying rent and requesting urgent repairs.

If the resident pays a bond:

  • complete and sign the Condition report - caravan park (Word, 127 KB), making comments in the space provided
  • request the bond money from the resident, providing them with a receipt of money received
  • complete an electronic bond lodgement on Residential Tenancies Bond Authority (RTBA) Online. The resident will receive an email to accept the transaction
  • once the resident has accepted, the bond money is debited from your bank account that is registered on RTBA Online
  • a receipt will be emailed to all parties - keep a copy of this handy.

For more information, view:

During a residency

You must:

  • provide 24-hour vehicular access for all residents to all sites
  • provide 24-hour access for all residents to the caravan park and toilet and bathroom facilities
  • provide rent receipts, or keep records of rent payments and hire charge payments
  • let the resident use the park and all other facilities their agreement allows
  • set reasonable hours for use of other facilities
  • respect and not restrict or interfere with a resident’s right to privacy, peace and quiet or proper use and enjoyment of the site and the communal facilities
  • keep common areas in the park clean and safe
  • arrange regular garbage collection
  • keep all park facilities (including hired caravans) in good condition
  • make sure repairs or renovations disturb occupants as little as possible, and provide other facilities for them to use during this time if necessary.

For more information, view Rent, rules and repairs.

At the end of a residency

  • Keep the Condition Report (if there is one) in case of any disputes.
  • Know what to do if a resident leaves property behind.
  • If there was a bond:
    • reach agreement with the resident on any claims on the bond money
    • complete the electronic bond claim on RTBA Online. The resident will receive an email to accept the bond claim
    • once the resident has accepted the claim, the money will be credited to the nominated bank account(s).

For more information, view: